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Link is our most popular and powerful real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management product, compatible with all kinds of vehicles, providing tons of features that improve driver safety, vehicle security and fleet efficiency.

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Be notified instantly by email or SMS if the asset is being towed or has left a defined area. Geofences can be used in connection with specific vehicles and days and time. Example: If Truck 01 reports movement outside Office Parking Lot on Mon-Fri between 8pm and 5am, notify There are no limits to how many geofences and corresponding alerts you can have.



When a vehicle reports the kind of activity for which you have made a Notify Rule, HQ sends you a message to your email or cell phone containing the details of the event. Notify Rules are very flexible, and can be based on particular vehicles, specific activity, certain locations, days and/or times. You can make as many Notify Rules as you want. You can even have Alerts automatically go to third-party applications, such as

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You can choose to receive a digest of your fleet’s activity on a daily, weekly and/or monthly frequency. Choose a Summary bulletins to see a digiest of fleet mileage, engine hours, and instances of dangerous and efficient driving. Choose a Places bulletin to see how much time vehicles spent at various locations.

Basic tracking

Real-time updates include location, speed and heading, date and time, and street address. Basic tracking events are: Engine on/off, stop/go, speeding, driving updates every 60-120 seconds. All events include location, speed, heading, street address and legal land description (LSD address}.

Advanced tracking

Real-time updates include location, speed and heading, date and time, and street address. Advanced tracking events are: Engine on/off, stop/go, speeding, idling, hard acceleration/braking, and driving updates every 10-30 seconds. Advanced tracking also includes auxiliary inputs, and towing detection. All events include location, speed, heading, street address and legal land description (LSD address}.

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Efficiency monitoring

Hard acceleration (jack-rabbit starts}, hard braking, and sharp turns are reported in real-time, and includes location, speed, heading, street address and legal land description (LSD address}. Hard driving events are viewable in multiple reports and on the History page.

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Driver coaching

An automated reporting system that helps improve driving habits. DriveSafe, when enabled, reminds drivers to driver more safely and efficiently when it detects instances of speeding, idling, hard acceleration, hard braking, and sharp turns.


HQ keeps track of vehicle mileage and engine hours. Scheduling vehicle maintenance is as easy as selecting the kind of service, when it will become due (in KM, miles, engine hours or at a particular date}, and whom to notify. When service is due, HQ emails the recipients. When the service is performed, simply mark it as completed in HQ. You can finally have the service history of your entire fleet in one place.

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Get a daily or monthly log of each vehicle’s activity—everywhere it went, how long it was there, plus the driving distance and duration between stops. Other specific available reports are: Summary, Timeline, Driver Score, Fuel, Places and IFTA.

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Vehicle activity is saved forever in our data centre. You can visualize historical activity — for one vehicle or your entire fleet — weeks, months, even years in the past. See where a vehicle was on a particular day, at a particular time, and what it was doing. Replay fleet activity: Play, Fast-forward, Rewind. Use an activity Heat map to identify areas where your fleet is more active.

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Send messages from HQ to the drivers phone or other users of HQ. All users can see the messages sent from HQ to drivers. This open communication helps keep everyone informed which reduces the amount of un-needed phone calls and emails while increasing productivity.

Outpost SMS

Drivers can assign themselves to vehicles using any mobile phone simply by sending a text message to HQ: “assign Truck 14”. Outpost SMS also lets them locate a company vehicle, contact a colleague, view their Driver score, and more. HQ users can use Outpost SMS to list drivers with their phone numbers, as well as locate vehicles and see their status.

Driver reminders

If drivers exceed the posted speed limit, idle excessively, drive in an unsafe manner or use vehicles off-hours, you can choose to have the system automatically remind them to slow down, save fuel, drive more efficiently, etc. Driver reminders can be delivered as email or text messages.

Driver score

A report card of your drivers based on safety, efficiency or both. The driver score is one of many reports that helps you easily identify the best and worst drivers in your fleet. The driver score report makes it easy to incentivize safe, efficiency driving—you can reward your best drivers—and improves the overall safety and efficiency of your entire fleet.

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Auxiliary monitoring

PTO, tow hook, grader blade? Our tracking devices have two adjustable inputs. One of the inputs senses positive voltage, the other senses ground signal. Depending on your application; pumps, motors, lights, siren, etc. We have a compatible and easily connectable input.


HQ can support a wide variety of users with different privileges. Some users can be restricted to just the real-time map, others can have access to only select groups of vehicles, while others can have access to everything including creating new users, assigning drivers to vehicles, and assigning vehicles to vehicle groups. Whether your fleet is small or consists thousands of assets across North America, HQ allows you to delegate and manage your vehicles, users, and drivers easily.

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Our tracking devices are compatible with all 12v and 24v motor vehicles and construction equipment. They report activity in real-time across Canada and the United States with no roaming fees. Our tracking software is web-based and works on any computer, tablet or smart phone: Mac, PC, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Web services API

Our web services API makes it easy to feed your fleet's real-time and historical activity into your company's back-office applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and asset management systems (ASM).

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